Church of St. George in Veliko Tarnovo

The church was situated at the foot of the south slope of the hill of Trapezitsa, on the right bank of the river of Yantra. It is a little church, with a nave, one apse, with a little narthex and a semi-cylindrical vault.

There is a legend that on that place, during the reign of the Bulgarian tsar Ivan Alexander, it was built an ancient church. Probably the building was ruined in the siege of the town in the summer of 1393 or at the time the First Rebellion of Tarnovo in 1598.

Up to the present the temple is kept. It was built during the time of the metropolitan of Tarnovo – Gavrail. Two layers of wall-paintings are preserved on the walls. At about 1685 the St. George Church undergoes a partial reconstruction. In this time the iconostasis was renovated and the entry was decorated once again. In the period of XVII-XIX c. the temple had not only a religious function, but a very important social function too. The Tanner’s craft was housed there.

The Church of St. George was restored and preserved in the period 1968-1971 according the project of architect Boyan Kuzupov.

Church of St. George in Veliko Tarnovo


Veliko Tarnovo, Asenov District

How to get here:

Buses, you can get to „Asenov” district with - 50, 110.


+359 885 105 282, +359 62 638 841

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